1. What's The Purpose Of The First Call?

We always conduct an initial call to ensure that we’re a good fit. Things we look for: a responsible budget, a clear vision and direction, and commitment to the project.

2. Can Edlution Take Over My Existing Custom Software?

Yes. We will do a legacy system study, and once the study is done, we will work out if we can take over your existing custom software.

3. What About Helping Me Study A System That Is Not Owned By Me?

4. What's Your Policy On Copyright And Intellectual Property?

5. What If I'm Not Ready For Development?

6. What Steps Are Involved In The Creation Of Custom Software For My Business?

7. Are You Taking On New Projects Right Now? What's The Project Timeline Like?

8. What are typical engagements for Edlution?

9. What are the typical costs and schedule?

10. How long does a software project take?

11. What's my role and responsibilities?

12. Can I adjust the plans or features as we go?

13. Can I adjust the plans or features as we go?