IoT Medical Device System

IoT Medical - 1
IoT Medical - 2
IoT Medical - 3

Secured Data Management System

Web Portal, IOS & Android Apps
  • Admin to Create Accounts
  • Manage Users and Line Group
  • Display Data Created on Device within 24 Hours
  • Protects Sensitive Data with Unique Account Code
  • Transfer of Data to Selected Recipients

Remote Patient Monitoring System

Web Portal
  • Seamless Sharing of Data via 4G Network
  • Display Real-Time Data Transmitted from Devices
  • Access of Historical Data

Data Distribution System

Web Portal
  • Recipients Configuration to Send Reports from Device to Mobile and/or Line App
Web Portal, IOS & Android Apps
  • Retrieval of Data from Devices
  • Upload Data to Cloud System
  • Display Data from Devices on Secured Web App
  • Distribute Data from Devices through iOS & Android Apps
  • Receipt of Data via Email & Line Apps

Notification System

IOS & Android Apps
  • Alert Notification when New Data is Available
  • Line App Notification when New Data is Available

Localized Services System

IOS & Android Apps
  • Multi-Languages Options
  • Broadcast Data to 3rd Party Application e.g. Line App's Groups