Technical Consultation
  • Project Idea Analysis
  • Discovery, Design and Planning
  • Legacy System Study
  • IT Software and Infrastructure Solutioning
  • Technical Specification, Detailed Estimate and Project Plan
Web Development
  • Websites or Web Portals with Users Management, Content Management, Payment Gateways Integration, SaaS Sites, Membership Sites or Gated Content Sites
  • Hosted on Own Servers (Linux or Windows) On-Premise or Cloud
  • Study and implement web accessibility features to make your site more inclusive.
Mobile Apps Development
  • Standalone Mobile Apps or a part of a  suite of Web and Mobile System.
  • Apps built native to iOS, Android Mobile Apps or hybrid Apps
  • Publish to AppStore / Play Store
Server Side/ Backend Development
  • Linux C++/PHP Server Programs or any other Linux available programming language.
  • Server/Client APIs programs (TCP/IP, RESTFul, SOAP or any popular middleware that has ready API SDKs)
  • Hosted On Own Servers (Linux or Windows) On-Premise or Cloud
No Code/ Low Code
  • Building MVP
  • Streamlining or Automating Business Process
  • Install in own Servers (Linux or Windows) On-Premise or Cloud
  • Integrate with ModBus Devices
  • Develop embedded software for low-level control of devices
  • Tracking of Devices Location with GPS
  • Remote Control and Monitoring of Devices
Software System Support
  • Support Production and Staging Environments/Servers
  • Support Staging and Production Database Administration
  • Support Web, iOS and Android Apps API compilation (if required) and deployment to Staging and Production
  • Support Staging and Production Environments Systems configuration issues rectifications
  • Assist to maintain source code in source code repository in Github or equivalent
  • Support testing of bugs, fixes, new features or enhancements in Staging and Production Environment