Quotation Management System

An important aspect of a successful business operation is managing your quotations effectively. A Quotation Management System (QMS) is an easy to use software solution designed to streamline and automate the process of creating, managing and tracking your quotations and improve your overall efficiency. 

QMS quotation management system
QMS quotation template singapore
QMS FX Rates
QMS Update Purchase Order

User Management

  • Create & Edit User Details
  • Assign User Types
  • Reset Password

Customer Management System

  • Create & Edit Customer Details
  • Assign Discount Tier to Each Customer

Quotation Management System

User Features Are Based on Preset User Role’s Responsibilities

  • Create & Edit Quotation Template
  • Autofill Relevant Customer Details in Quotations
  • Review Quotation Details
  • Preview Quotation before Printing it in PDF with preset Header & Footer
  • Manage Quotation Status
  • Contents’ Visibility in Quotation is subjected to Respective User Role

Items Price List Management System

  • Create & Edit Brands Information
  • Create & Edit Supplier Details
  • Assign Brands to Suppliers & Vice Versa
  • Input & Update of Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Create & Edit Item Price List
  • Maintain Item Price History and Pick the Latest and Highest Item Pricing in Quotations.
  • Batch Upload of Items Price List

Generate a Professional Quotation Template in Singapore

A well-designed quotation template saves you time by eliminating the need to create quotations from scratch for each client, ensuring consistency in your quotes and providing the essential details for clients to make a fast decision. It reflects professionalism and creates a positive impression on potential clients.

A good quotation template should allow you to input essential details like the products/services involved, pricing, and terms and conditions. It should be customisable for you to add your brand or business logo, colour schemes and contact information for a branded look. Some quotation templates also offer auto-calculation of total costs, making it easier to generate accurate quotes.